Saturday, July 19, 2014

Georgia's Bob Johnson: Term Limits NOW!

Congressional term limits have emerged as a key issue in another tight primary race, this one in Southeast Georgia where term limits supporter Dr. Bob Johnson is tangling with term limits opponent -- and 25-year political veteran -- Buddy Carter. The runoff election is July 22.

Georgia's District 1, which stretches from Savannah down the eastern Georgia coast to Florida, is a natural term limits battleground.

Incumbent Jack Kingston, who is running for the U.S. Senate, is a signatory of the U.S. Term Limits Congressional Pledge. Over 175 Congressional candidates in 2014 have signed the pledge in which they commit, if elected, to cosponsor and vote for the existing Constitutional amendment bill limiting House reps to three terms and Senators to two. Just this last week, Kingston fulfilled the pledge and signed on to the bill. Kingston's opponent, David Perdue, is also a signer.

So the question is, will District 1 remain a safe one for term limits?

Former Army Ranger and cancer surgeon Bob Johnson says 'yes.'  He signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge and has been speaking about this issue at debates and to the media. He even enlarged an unsigned copy of the pledge and brought it to his opponent's office for a signature.

No dice. Georgia state senator Buddy Carter not only refuses to sign but has been explicitly opposing term limits as part of his campaign.

Then, last week, Johnson launched what he called the "Term Limits NOW!" tour across the district, travelling with U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel (full disclosure: that's me), speaking and holding rallies to draw attention to the subject. Rhetorically at least, no other issue distinguishes the campaigns more than this one.

If we are to achieve Congressional term limits, it will take efforts like that of Dr. Bob Johnson. The people are already on our side, the question is whether we can elect leaders to match.

(TOP: Dr. Bob Johnson answers voter questions at July 11 event in Brunswick, GA, in front of enlarged U.S. Term Limits pledge. ABOVE: U.S. Term Limits president Philip Blumel and other term limits supporters rally in Savannah.)