Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sen. Washington planning Carson City coup

One of the ironies of term limits politics is that the opposition to term limits more often than not prove the need for term limits. Specifically, the opposition clumsily demonstrate that the interests of the officeholder and of the citizenry diverge widely over time, with the career politicians identifying so closely with the interests of the political class they no longer even recognize the interests of the people.

Case in point: In Nevada, where courts recently rebuffed a politician-led attack on the states 12-year legislative term limit, the soon-to-be term limited Sen. Maurice Washington (R-Sparks) is calling for a new constitutional amendment to repeal the limit. Sen. Washington, publically at least, made the case for repeal pointing to his reverence for 'the vote.'

But considering that term limits were enacted by a vote of 70 percent in 1994 and then reaffirmed by Nevadans in a second vote as required by Nevada law, and that term limits were enacted or reaffirmed everywhere across the nation they were voted on on Nov. 4, it is glaringly apparent the only vote he really reveres are votes for him and his fellow incumbents.